The Objective

To answer the question: “What can I do now?”

  • Establish an Issue Based Volunteer Network

    Face2Face guides members to the preeminent existing and emerging supporting organizations. Through face to face meetings at the local and regional level, and communication through the website, volunteers can maintain an ongoing conversation in order to focus volunteer resources where they will maximize impact and influence. Numbers Matter!

  • Advance Legislative Analytics and Outreach to your Elected Officials

    Face2Face will strive to inform our members of upcoming legislative and executive actions on a weekly basis. We urge you to do your homework and then articulate the merits of a position, asking three key questions: Is the legislation or action moral, is it constitutional, and is it practical. For instance, does it have negative monetary consequences and/or unforeseen impact? (We call this the MCP analysis) Analyze Now!

    Face2Face assists in elected official outreach by identifying and listing key officials on State, Federal, and committee level for each key legislative action. This will assist members in communicating their MCP analysis directly, thoughtfully, factually, and resolutely on each action taken by the Administration where resistance is mandated.

  • Promote Civics and Civility

    Face2Face promotes responsible civics and civility to advocate and persuade the citizenry to join in its resistance efforts and advance its cause. Direct communication through meetings and presentations in a variety of venues are used in addition to a robust online presence. Engage Now!

Ready to engage?

Face2Face promotes the use of civics and civility to advocate and persuade citizens to join in its resistance effort and advance its cause. Join in through direct communication in meetings and presentations in a variety of venues, including college campuses.